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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Alumni Engagement Board

The Alumni Engagement Board of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences seeks to provide a link among currently enrolled students and our widespread and successful graduate and undergraduate alumni. The Board serves as a resource for professional contact, social opportunities, position openings, development of major gifts and financial support for students, and a source for feedback and support on department initiatives.

We are currently requesting nominations to serve on the Alumni Engagement Board.. Please consider nominating yourself or another AOS Alum! Nominations are due May 1. Thanks!

The Board unanimously adopted governing bylaws on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

Here is a copy of the introductory email sent out on Monday, Dec 11, 2017

The board members can be reached via email at

Current board members include

Dan Hartung
B.S. 2007, M.S. 2009
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Matt Sitkowski
Ph.D. 2012
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Brian Miretzky
B.S. 2006, M.S. 2009
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  --> Bette Otto-Bliesner
B.S. 1972, M.S. 1974, Ph.D, 1980
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Rebecca Schultz
B.S. 2015, M.S. 2017
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Kris Craven
M.S. 1999
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Pete Pokrandt
B.S. 1988, M.S. 1992
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Elena Willmot
B.S. 2012, M.S. 2014
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  Tom Skilling
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