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University of Wisconsin–Madison



The University of Wisconsin Non-Hydrostatic Model (UWNMS) is a three-dimensional mesoscale model designed to represent the scale interaction process among inertially balanced and unbalanced modes that occur within convective weather systems (Tripoli, 1992a). The UWNMS is designed to conserve kinetic energy against numerical sources and sinks in three-dimensions (Tripoli 1992a,b; Pokrandt et al. 1996; Jascourt 1997; Mecikalski and Tripoli 1998; Rowe and Hitchman 2015, 2016, 2017)


Vis5D is a powerful visualization tool used to analyze output from the UWNMS model. With Vis5d it is possible to create 3-D isosurfaces, horizontal cross sections, vertical slices and volume rendering. Vis5d also has the ability to produce trajectories and vertical soundings. Vis5D was written by the Visualization Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) by Bill Hibbard, Johan Kellum, and Brian Paul. For more information on Vis5d, including installation instructions, please visit:


GEMPAK is an analysis and display generation package for meteorological data. Originally developed by NCEP for use by the National Centers UCAR's Unidata Program Center supports a non-operational version of GEMPAK for use in research and education. For more information and installation instructions please visit: