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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Outside Courses for AOS Grad Students

The following list gives examples of courses outside of AOS that our grad students have taken in the past. This list is intended only as guidance. You are welcome to take other courses not listed here. Course selection must be approved by your advisor. For descriptions of courses, see the Course Search & Enroll.

Note that 300-level courses require approval before being used to satisfy credit requirements for our graduate degrees.

Agronomy 875 - Agroecosystems and Global Change
CS 302 - Introduction to Programming
CS 712 - Finite Difference Methods
Env St 400 - Special Topics in Environmental Studies
Env St 460 - American Environmental History
Env St 461 - Environmental Systems Concepts
Env St 528 - Past Climates and Climatic Change
Geog 336 - Our Hazardous Environment
Geog 527 - The Quaternary Period
Geol 594 - Introduction to Applied Geophysics
Hist Sci 323 - The Scientific Revolution
Hist Sci 623 - Studies in Early Modern Science
Hist Sci 905 - History of Physics
ME 573 - Computational Fluid Dynamics
Math 319 - Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations
Math 321 - Applied Mathematical Analysis
Math 415 - Applied Dynamical Systems, Chaos and Modeling
Math 419 - Intermediate Differential Equations
Math 431 - Introduction to the Theory of Probability
Math 615 - Introduction to Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis
Math 712 - Finite Difference Methods
NEEP 602 - Hydrodynamics
Stat 301 - Introduction to Statistical Methods
Stat 311 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Stat 431 - Introduction to the Theory of Probability
Stat 471 - Introduction to Computational Statistics