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Weekly Weather Event -Week of June 27

July 1, 2022

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued advisories Friday morning for the Atlantic regarding Tropical Storm Bonnie. Throughout the week, it has developed from Potential Tropical Cyclone Two. The tropical rainstorm is forecast to travel through Central America later in the week. Heavy rainfall is expected in Nicaragua Friday night and to spread northwest towards Honduras on Saturday. Areas of life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides are expected with hurricane conditions possible along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua late Friday.

The term “potential tropical cyclone” is an area of low pressure that can develop into an organized storm system such as a tropical depression, tropical storm, or a hurricane. The NHC can issue advisories, watches and warnings for disturbances that are not yet a tropical cyclone, however still pose a threat of tropical storm or hurricane conditions within 48 hours. As July has just begun, Bonnie has become the second named tropical storm of 2022. NOAA predicts that this year will have above-average hurricane activity than the normal season.

Additionally, a tropical rainstorm located over the Gulf of Mexico will bring heavy rainfall and thunderstorms to areas of Texas and Louisiana later in the week. Texas will most likely receive 4-8 inches of rainfall.