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University of Wisconsin–Madison

2023 AOS Department Awards

April 24, 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 AOS award winners! We’re proud to celebrate and recognize their accomplishments.

Bretherton Scholarship Award: Rosa Vargas-Martes

Ettenheim Scholarship Award: Nicolas Sartore

Lettau-Wahl Scholarship Award: Adrianna Modelska

Lyle Horn Scholarship Award: Lucas Allen

Sunkel Scholarship Award: Emily Berghuis

Lettau Award for Excellent MS Thesis: Cameron Bertossa & Ian Cornejo

First-Year Graduate Student Award: Doreen Anande

Wahl Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Kelton Halbert

Department Student Service Award: Alicia Hoffman

Graduate Student Association Teaching Award: Hannah Zanowski

Picture of 2023 AOS Award Winners