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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Wahl Award

Eberhard Wahl taught (and expanded) the AOS 100 survey course for many years and by doing so greatly expanded the number of TAs in the department. Excellent TAs are essential to the undergraduate learning experience at that level particularly in courses with a substantial lab component. Each year we are able to recognize one of our many excellent TAs as having done an exceptional job in this important and demanding role.

Past recipients include:

Year Recipient
2024 Poushali Ghosh
2023 Kelton Halbert
2022 Juliet Pilewskie
2021 Patrick Beaty
2020 Julia Shates
2019 Kate Abbott
2018 Maria Madsen
2017 Luke Odell
2016 Ross Dixon
2015 Zachary Handlos
2014 Shellie Rowe
2013 Andrew Winters
2012 Alex Kubicek
2011 Tim Wagner
2009 Dan Henz and Andrea Lang
2008 Mark Kulie
2007 Mark Kulie
2006 Pedro Mulero
2005 Holly Hassenzahl and Everest Ong
2004 Amanda Adams