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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Warren Sunkel Scholarship Award

This scholarship was established by Thomas M. Sunkel, brother of Warren Sunkel who graduated from our department in 1968.

Warren Sunkel spent his professional career with the NWS where he developed a number of important software packages for the analysis of weather observations and numerical model output. For his contributions, Warren Sunkel received the Bronze Medallion, the highest award bestowed by the NWS.

The Sunkel Award is a relatively new award first time awarded in 2010 , and we have begun a tradition of giving it a Junior undergraduate whose scholarly potential is considered exceptional as determined by a combination of exams and graded assignments as well as evidence of “an unusually curious, voracious, and roving intellect” as demonstrated by performance both inside and outside the classroom.

Past recipients include:

Year Recipient
2024 Paige Bartels
2023 Emily Berghuis
2022 Kaylan Patel
2021 Nate Falkinham
2020 Cassidy Johnson
2019 Douglas Schumacher
2018 Addisen Fenrich
2017 Emma Sinclair
2016 Zoe Brooke-Zibton
2015 Steven Fons
2014 Joe Nettesheim
2013 Kristina Williams
2012 Kyle Meier
2011 Zachary Gruskin
2010 Elise Garms