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University of Wisconsin–Madison

First-Year Graduate Student Award

Every year we are able to recognize a first-year graduate student who has performed academically at the highest level during the intensive first year of core course work.

Past recipients include:

Year Recipient
2024 Jacob Lewandowski & Cara Scalpone
2023 Doreen Anande
2022 Even Meeker
2021 Ian Beckley, Ian Cornejo
2020 Andi Muttaqin
2019 James Anheuser and Sreenath Paleri
2018 Zoe Brooke Zibton
2017 Anne Sledd
2016 Connor Dacey
2015 David Loveless
2014 Nicholas Ofstun
2013 Marc Collins
2012 Feiyu Lu
2011 Matt Rydzik
2010 Jiaxu Zhang
2009 Aronne Merrelli
2008 Ben Sulman
2007 Morgan Franklin
2006 Val Benesh
2005 Mark Kulie
2004 Feng He and Zhenglong Li