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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Lettau Award

Prof. Heinz Lettau was an ingenious experimentalist, as one has to be to make meaningful measurements that significantly advance understanding of the physical processes at work in the turbulent boundary layer.

Each year we are able to recognize the outstanding MS thesis from among our recent graduates.

Past recipients include:

Year Recipient
2024 Poushali Ghosh & Rudra Thaker
2023 Cameron Bertossa & Ian Cornejo
2022 Jerrold Acdan and Stephanie Bradshaw
2021 Maggie Bruckner
2020 Austin Dixon
2019 Charles White
2018 Lucas Gloege and Lindsey Nytes
2017 Elin McIlhattan
2016 Michelle Feltz
2015 Kuniaki Inoue
2014 Alex Matus
2013 Alex Kubicek
2012 John Sears
2011 Hester Leung
2010 Dan Hartung
2009 Brett Hoover
2008 David Ulman
2007 Joseph Hoch
2006 Amato Evan
2005 Blaine Thomas
2004 Daryl Kleist and Jason Otkin