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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Lettau-Wahl Scholarship Award

This award is given for excellent performance as an undergraduate, traditionally a junior, in our department, as determined by the Chair of AOS in consultation with the Awards Committee. It is named for Profs. Heinz Lettau and Eberhard Wahl by Marian Duwe Hollingshead and Edward W. Hollingshead, both of whom received advanced degrees from our department in 1976.

Professor Lettau served on our faculty from 1957 to 1980 after a distinguished research career in Germany and then the United States. He was considered a world expert on atmospheric turbulence and energy transfer processes near the Earths surface. His experiments with bushel baskets and Christmas trees on frozen Lake Mendota drew the attention of fellow scientists as well as the general public.

Professor Eberhard Wahl served on the faculty from 1963-1984 after a career in research at the Air Force Labs at Hanscom Field in Lexington, MA. He was a frequent instructor of our freshman survey courses in Weather and Climate.

Past recipients include:

Year Recipient
2024 Liam Schiffer
2023 Adrianna Modelska
2022 Megan Schaaf
2021 Jack Richter
2020 James Mineau
2019 Andrew Quigley
2018 Libby Carso
2017 Meirah Williamson
2016 Shae Hamm
2015 Tyler Wright
2014 Sam Hartwick
2013 Eric Loken and Prnampai (PingPing) Narenpitak
2012 Andre Perkins
2010 Erik Gould
2009 Michael Hiley
2008 Andrew Field and Rebecca Westby
2007 Jonas Asuma and Daniel Thompson
2006 Michelle Buerger