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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Horn Scholarship Award

Named for Prof. Lyle Horn who served on our faculty from 1960 until his untimely death in 1989. He was the beloved champion of many undergraduates here at UW-Madison, devoted to their welfare and their learning. Upon his death, a number of his former students established a permanent endowment for support of promising undergraduates interested in meteorology. That endowment supports this award.

Among the many testimonials to Prof. Horn that attempt to describe his influence on young people, we have the following from one Bill Steffen, who graduated here in 1977 and who now lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Mr. Steffen writes:

“The best that can be said about someone is that he or she left the world a better place. That can certainly be said about Dr. Lyle Horn.”

Past recipients include:

Year Recipient
2024 Ziyi Xu
2023 Lucas Allen
2022 Connor Steinke
2021 Grant Gilcrease
2020 Grant Gilcrease
2019 Claire Rubbelke
2018 Peidong Wang
2017 Josh Bendorf
2016 Kirsten Mayer
2015 Kaitlyn Krzyzaniak
2014 Alex Haugstad
2013 Christopher Scheele
2012 Nicholas Ofstun
2011 Andre Perkins
2010 Andrew Winters
2009 Hannah Barnes
2008 Neil Berg and Sarah Monette
2007 Jeff Makowski
2006 Amanda Kis
2005 Daniel Chavas