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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Department Student Service Award

This award was previously given to an outstanding student member of the Department’s Colloquium Committee. The Monday Colloquium series is one of the centerpieces of the scholarly and intellectual life of this department. Every Monday during the academic year, we host front-line thinkers and scientists in our field as Colloquium speakers.

Prof. Larissa Back has been the faculty organizer of the Colloquium series for several years and deserves our gratitude for her efforts. In this responsibility over the past couple of years, she has enjoyed substantial enthusiastic assistance from graduate students who have helped with selecting speakers and for organizing their visits, including meetings, meals, and other activities. We recognize these invaluable contributions to the department by awarding the Colloquium Student Services Award.

Due to the exceptional service in many aspects of the department from current students, we decided this year to expand the award to encompass all department service. The department is a better place because of the contributions of our students.

Past recipients include:

Year Recipient
2024 Emily Mather
2023 Alicia Hoffman
2022 Bailey Murphy
2021 Zoë Brooke Zibton
2020 Anne Sledd and Megan Caldwell
2019 Juliet Pilewskie and Julia Shates
2018 Kai-Wei Chang and Alyson Douglas
2017 Brian Zimmerman
2016 Melissa Breeden
2015 Claire Petterson
2014 Croix Christenson and Ross Dixon
2013 Ross Dixon
2012 Nicole Colasacco-Thumm
2011 Brent Maddux and John Sears
2010 Amanda Fay and Mark Wehrenberg
2009 Val Bennington and Amato Evan
2008 Gijs deBoer and Mark Kulie
2007 Gijs deBoer and Mark Kulie
2006 Gijs deBoer and Will Lewis
2005 Amanda Adams and Will Lewis
2004 Will Lewis and Justin McLay