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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 42 - Spring/Summer, 2023

Masters Theses

Beckley, Ian , "Climatological and Synoptic Aspects of Intense Arctic Cyclones in the Late Summer" [67 Mb], 2023. (Martin)
Cornejo, Ian , "Orographic Controls on Extreme Precipitation associated with a Mei-yu Front" [38 Mb], 2023. (Rowe)
Ghosh, Poushali , "Automated Objective Identification of Occluded Sectors in Midlatitude Cyclones: Method and Some Climatological Applications" [14 Mb], 2023. (Martin)
Johnson, Cassidy , "Characterization of Far-Infrared Polar Spectral Signatures for PREFIRE" [2.8 Mb], 2023. (L'Ecuyer)
Pagano, Terrence , "Validation of Ice Cloud Optical Thickness Retrievals during CAMP2EX and PISTON using the UW-HSRL" [4.4 Mb], 2023. (L'Ecuyer/Holz)
Rodenkirch, Benjamin , "Near-storm Environmental Relationships with Tropical Oceanic Convective Structure Observed during NASA CPEX and CPEX-AW" [6.5 Mb], 2023. (Rowe)
Torres Maldonado, Kayleen , "Processes Governing the Evolution of Moist Static Energy in Developing and Non-developing African Easterly Waves" [5.3 Mb], 2023. (Adames-Corraliza)

Ph.D. Theses

Bernardez, Miguel, "Environmental controls of vertical motion over the maritime tropics" [6.7 Mb] , 2023. (Back)
Chen, Nuo, "Development and Application of Adjoint Sensitivity to Potential Vorticity and Unbalanced Flows in a Numerical Weather Prediction Model" [22 Mb] , 2023. (Martin)
Maithel, Vijit, "A Phase Plane based perspective of Energetics of Large Scale Tropical Convection" [35 Mb] , 2023. (Back)
Murphy, Bailey, "A Macrosystems Approach Towards Improved Understanding of Interactions Between Forest Management, Structure, Function and Climate Change, and Implications for the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle" [11 Mb] , 2023. (Desai)
Muttaqin, Andi, "Land-Atmosphere Interactions over the Indonesian Maritime Continent" [20 Mb] , 2023. (Desai)
Paleri, Sreenath, "Role of Heterogeneous Ecosystems in Modulating Surface-Atmosphere Transport" [67 Mb] , 2023. (Desai)