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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 36 - Spring/Summer 2020

Class Papers

AOS 404 final paper, "Investigating Differences in Upwind and Downwind Influences Surrouding Lake Kegonsa - AOS 404: Meteorological Measurements" [3 Mb] , 2020. (Ketzel Levens, Kimberly Dornbusch, Alicia Hoffman, Cassidy Johnson, Peter Waldoch Alex Tomashek, Nick Macijunas, Iman Nasif, Josh Ghosh, John Payne, Jacob Angell, Sean Cusick // Desai)

Masters Theses

Anheuser, James, "Low Earth Orbit Sounder Retrieval Products At Geostationary Earth Orbit Spacial And Temporal Scales" [19 Mb], 2020. (L'Ecuyer)
Crespo, Anthony, "Characterization of Two Hailstorms in Argentina" [7.4 Mb], 2020. (Desai)
Gesangyangji, "The Impacts of Climate Change on Building Design Conditions" [4.9 Mb], 2020. (Holloway)
Murphy, Bailey, "The devil is in the details: Application of emulation-based data assimilation techniques to constrain a dynamic ecosystem model" [26 Mb], 2020. (Desai)

Ph.D. Theses

Dzambo, Andrew, "An Airborne Remote Sensing Perspective on Cloud and Preciptation Properties from Southeast Atlantic Stratocumulus Clouds" [17 Mb], 2020. (L'Ecuyer)
Douglas, Alyson, "The Effects of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions on Warm Cloud Properties" [21 Mb], 2020. (L'Ecuyer)