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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 23 - Spring 2014

Masters Theses

Gould, Eric, "Observational Challenges in Assessing the Aerosol Indirect and Semi-Direct Effect" [3.8 Mb], 2014. (Bennartz/L'Ecuyer)
Huang, Wei, Non-thesis MS, 2014. (Petty)
Inoue, Kuniaki, "Gross Moist Stability Assessment during TOGA COARE: Amplification and Decay of Convection" [2.1 Mb], 2014. (Back)
Jzyk, Peter, Non-thesis MS, 2014. (Martin)
Pettersen, Claire, "Identifying Ice Hydrometeor Signatures above Summit, Greenland Using a Multi-Instrument Approach" [14 Mb], 2014. (Bennartz)
Rowe, Shellie, "On the Role of Inertial Instability in Stratosphere Troposphere Exchange and the Generation of Inertial Flare-ups near Midlatitude Jets" [23 Mb], 2014. (Hitchman)
Santos, Alexis, "Chlorophyll a Variabliity Due to Large-Scale North Atlantic Circulation Changes" [20 Mb], 2014. (McKinley)
Scotty, Erica, "Sensitivity of Atmospheric Pollutants to Changes in Modeled Natural and Anthropogenic Emissions" [18 Mb], 2014. (Holloway)
Trevorrow, Scott, "Numerical Investigation of the Dynamics Leading to Tornadogenesis in a Supercell Environment" [23 Mb], 2014. (Tripoli)
Willmot, Elena, "Aerosol Effects on Satellite Retrievals of Cloud Optical Properties in the South Atlantic Ocean" [1.9 Mb], 2014. (Bennartz)

Ph.D. Theses

Gerth, Jordan, "Sky Cover" [79 Mb], 2014. (Ackerman)
Pavolonis, Mike, "Development of Satellite Remote Sensing Techniques for Quantifying Volcanic Ash Cloud Properties" [183 Mb], 2014. (Ackerman)