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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 2 - Fall, 2006

Masters Theses

Borg, Lori A., "Investigation of Marine Boundary Layer Clouds from Satellite," 2006. (Bennartz)
Hoffman, Jay P., "A Comparison of GOES WF ABBA and MODIS Fire Products," 2006. (Ackerman)
Hokanson, Erin P., "The effects of solar penetration on a coupled general circulation model," 2006 (Liu)
Ong, Everest T., "Response of South American Climate to Orbital Forcing from Middle Holocene to Present," 2006. (Liu)
Wagner, Timothy J., Subhourly Profiling of Atmospheric Stability During Southern Great Plains Severe Weather Events" [9 MB], 2006. (Ackerman)

Liu, Yinghui, "Possible causes of recent changes in the arctic cloud cover, surface temperature and temperature inversions" [5.9 MB], 2006. (Liu)
Decker, Steven G., "Potential vorticity inversion in terrain-following coordinates with applications to morphological data assimilation" [8 MB], 2006. (Martin)