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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 16 - Summer, 2011

Masters Theses

Bauer, Jace J., "A fresh look at the Type A/Type B cyclogenesis paradigm: the partitioned quasi-geostrophic omega perspective," 2011. (Martin)
Behnke, Ruben, "The role of elevation on temperature trends in the Western United States : a comparison of two statistical methods" [6.7 Mb], 2011. (Desai)
Monette, Sarah, "Tropical applications of an objective satellite-based overshooting top detection algorithm" [8.3 Mb], 2011. (Ackerman)
Smalley, Mark A., "Effects of spectral response function differences on CO2 slicing with an application to cloud climatologies" [1.6 Mb], 2011. (Ackerman)
Vinson, Kenneth, "Validation of methane products from the amospheric infrared sounder (AIRS) during the Arctic research fo the composition of the troposphere from aircraft and satellites (ARCTAS) mission" [1 Mb], 2012. (Ackerman)
Welhouse, Lee, "Composite analysis of El-Niño Southern Oscillation teleconnections in Antarctica" [7.5 Mb], 2011. (Tripoli)

Ph.D. Theses

Lang, Andrea Lopez, "Structure and evolution of lower stratospheric frontal zones" [29 Mb], 2011. (Martin)