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University of Wisconsin–Madison

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will admission decisions be made?

Our deadline is rolling with first review for fall admission ocurring in mid-February (early March for initial 2020 class), so getting your application in by February 1 is ideal. Our admissions will send notifications starting in late February and return decisions within 2 weeks of applications received thereafter. You have until April 15 to respond yes, no, or to request more time. Late admissions (in late spring/summer) can be accepted, but please contact us to confirm.

Is spring admission possible?

At the moment, our cohort starts in late August each year. We are considering spring as an option in the future. Let us know if that is an important factor for you.

For UW-Madison undergraduates, which 7 credits count toward the tuition discount?

Upon entry to the program, we will ask you to identify up to 7 credits taken as an undergraduate that you would like to count for the professional master's requirement. These are classes that match those on our curriculum or have substantial similarity (e.g., AOS 452 to substitute for AOS652). These classes will not show up on your M.S. transcript, since they are already on your B.S. transcript.

Can I complete a Ph.D. after the professional M.S.?

Yes, you would need to apply to the Ph.D. program after completion of the program, following the research program admission requirements.

Can I transfer into the professional M.S. after starting the thesis M.S. or vice versa?

The short answer is this is possible, but you will need to discsuss the pathway with your advisor and the implication for potential tuition charges.

I'm not sure whether I am interested in the research or professional program for M.S. Should I apply to both?

You should apply for the program in which you have most interest and mention interest in the other in your statement. The admissions committee can reach out to you about transferring your admissions to the other if it makes sense to do so.

Does volunteering at NWS or similar count as an internship?

As long as the project includes a direct mentor or supervisor, some project you can implement, and meets the minimum length (8 week) and time (10 hours/week) requirements, volunteer opportunities can count.

Reach to our alumni Here is a link to our Alumni page. Learn from our worldwide network of UW AOS alumni about their successes, read about internship opportunities, and become part of the Badger community!

PDF slides from a recent seminar on our program can be found here. Video presentation from Oct 2, 2019