Calendar & Events
October 2016


14th:Bonfire Social at Picnic Point!
Site 4&5 from 6-9PM
Smores will be provided!



October 2015



28th:Summer Internship Informational Meeting
AOSS Rm. 811 @5:30PM
Root beer floats will be provided



January 2015



30th: AMS Solstice Party
Featuring Music by Professors Jonathan Martin and Grant Petty

When: 6pm to 9pm (Entertainment Only @7:30pm)

Where: 330 North Orchard Street Madison, WI 53715 (Discovery Building) Room 1300L Open Court - Main

Graduates/Undergraduates/Faculty Dinner and Entertainment: $20
Graduates/Undergraduates/Faculty Entertainment Only: $10
Non-AMS Member Students/Plus Ones: $25

Food: Taco buffet plus drinks!

Please RSVP with Sue at the 8th Floor Office
Any other questions can be sent to where you will reach all of the AMS student officers



November 2014



•19th: AMS Chapter Meeting "Meet Your Instructor"
Featuring Dr. Kulie
AOSS Rm. 811 @5:00pm
We will still be collecting dues ($20) for the year.



October 2014



•1st: AMS Chapter Meeting "Meet the Professor"
Featuring Professor Morgan
AOSS Rm. 811 @6:00pm (Snacks will be provided!)
We will also be collecting dues ($20) for the year.

•17th: AMS Chapter 2nd Annual Corn Maze
More information on the home page and our Facebook page.



September 2014



•10th & 11th: Student Org Fair runs 5pm-8pm.
We will be looking for senior volunteers to help run shifts during these days.

•12th: AMS Annual Rooftop Party
Where: Roof of the AOSS building
When: 4:00pm

•17th: First AMS Group Meeting
We are sorry, but there is no meeting established yet. Stay tuned!
Where: AOSS Room 811
When: 5:00pm



Febuary 2014



•New website is being designed!

•Be sure to stop by in the AOSS lobby every Friday between 12-1pm for the UW-AMS Pizza Sales !



December 2011



•12/7/11 - UW AMS meeting at 6pm. All members should attend.