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Department Seminar Spring 2010 -- 2:25PM Room 811

To view last semester's depertment seminar click here

Wednesday February 3
Stefan Hastenrath, UW-Madison, AOS Emeritus
Topic:Equatorial Zonal Circulations:Historical Perspectives

Wednesday February 10
No Department Seminar

Wednesday February 17
Russ Dengel, UW-Madison, SSEC
Topic:Creation and Manipulation of Meteorological Products for Mobile Devices

Wednesday February 24
Nick Bassill
Topic:Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track and Intensity Sensitivies to Various Parameterizations Using the WRF-ARW Model: Working Towards an Effective Ensemble

Wednesday March 3
Kristina Vack, UW-Madison, L&S Career Office
Topic:How to Write a Fabulous Resume, Cover Letter, and CV

Wednesday March 10
Katie Holman
Topic:Understanding Extreme Precipitation Events in Climate Simulations of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Wednesday March 17
Val Bennington
Topic:The General Circulation of Lake Superior: Mean and Inter-annual Variability from 1979-2006

Wednesday March 24
Josh Cuzzone
Topic:The role of clouds in influencing the trajectory of the Arctic climate system

Wednesday April 28
William Ahue
Topic:Quantification of Regional Carbon Fluxes and Boundary Layer Heights from the Airborne Carbon in the Mountains Experiment 2007

Wednesday May 5
Sharon Jaffe
Topic:A Description of Jet Retraction Events: A Composite Perspective

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