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AOS Department Seminar

Fall 2012-2013

The Department seminars are weekly seminars held on Wednesdays at 2:25 in room 811 AOSS.

September 5

Caitlin Hart, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: Interpretation of Small Particle Signatures in Satellite Observations of Convective Storms

September 12

Steve Ackerman, Zak Handlos, & Ankur Desai
Topic: Gaining Teaching Skills in the Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences: Education and Outreach Opportunities
Prof. Ackerman and Zak will talk about the Delta Program and Prof. Desai will make you jealous that you do not do field work.

September 19

Kyle Griffin, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: Large-Scale Influences on the Genesis of Tropical Cyclone Karl (2010)

September 26

**Last Minute Change**
Kyle Griffin, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: Five Linked September 2011 Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclones: Talas, Noru, Lee, Nate, and Katia

October 3

Greg Tripoli, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: An Alternative Formulation of Inertial Available Kinetic Energy for Application to Tropical Cyclones

October 10

No Seminar today due to NWS Conference

October 17

Ralf Bennartz, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: The Intricate Role of Clouds in the Arctic Surface Energy Budget: A Look at the Recent Greenland Surface Melting Event

October 24

no seminar today

October 31

Halloween Costumed Science

November 7

Dave Tobin & Robert Holz, UW SSEC
Topic: SSEC and the CrIS and VIIRS Sensors on the Suomi-NPP Satellite

November 14

Ke Li, UW-Madison, AOS
topic: Interpretation of a Bayesian Rain Rate Retrieval Algorithm for the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM)

November 21

No Seminar

November 28

Ankur Desai, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: Non-linear Multiple Stable States and Chaos in Academia: Effective Time Management for Avoiding the Runaway Feedback Loops in Your Life

December 5

Andrew Winter, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: The Role of Jet Superpositions in High-Impact Weather Events: The May 2010 Nashville Flood

December 12

Nick Bassill, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: Topic: A Potential Deficiency in the Grell-Devenyi Cumulus Parameterization


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