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AOS Department Seminar

Fall 2011-2012

The Department seminars are weekly seminars held on Wednesdays at 2:25 in room 811 AOSS.

September 14

Ankur Desai, AOS
Topic: Cosmic-ray Neutron Probles for Regional-scale Soil Moisture & Humidity Observations: Potential Benefits for Atmospheric Science at the Regional Scale

September 21

Grant Petty, AOS
Topic: Microwave Backscatter and Extinction by Soft Ice Spheres and Complex Snow Aggregates

September 28

Tristan L'Ecuyer, AOS
Topic: Coordinating Observational Analysis and Cloud-Resolving Modeling to Understand Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions on Global Scales

October 5

Claire Petterson, SSEC
Topic: A Summary of the Development and Recent Advancements of the On-Orbit Absolute Radiance Standard at the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center

October 12

John Sears, UW-AOS
Topic: Investigating the Role of the Upper-Levels in Tropical Cyclogenesis.

October 26

Zachary Handlos, UW, AOS
Topic: Estimating Vertical Motion Profile Share within Tropical Weather States

November 2

Matt Hitchman, UW AOS
Topic: Tropical Forcing of the Southern Hemisphere: ENSO, Climate Change, and Jet Migration

November 9

Shellie Rowe, UW AOS
Topic: The Influence of Inertial Instability in Stratosphere Troposphere Exchange and Mesoscale Precipitation Maxima in Midlatitude Cyclones

November 16

Mark Wehrenberg, UW AOS
Topic: Abrupt Climate Change in East Asia During Bolling-Allerod Warming: A Comparison Between δ18O Proxy and an Isotope-Enabled GCM

November 23

No Department Seminar

November 30

Justin Bagley, PhD Defense
Topic: A Dynamic Boundary: The Impacts & Feedbacks of Land Cover Change on Atmospheric Moisture and Energy

December 7

Jordan Gerth, UW-Madison AOS, CIMSS
Topic: Jordan Gerth: Thoughts on Satellites

December 14

Erik Janzon, UW-Madison AOS
Topic: Data Assimilation of a Simulated Network of Ground-Based Remote Sensors: Changing the Density of the Observations


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