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Department Seminar Fall 2009 -- 2:25PM Room 811

Wednesday September 23
Ross Dixon, UW-Madison, AOS
Topic:Forcing Mechanisms For Heavy Precipitation in the Extratropical Transition of Atlantic Hurricanes

Wednesday September 30
AOS students from Spring '09 rotating tank course
Topic:Dynamic Adventures in the Rotating Tank

Wednesday October 7
Dan Hartung
Master's Thesis Presentation
Topic:The Influence of an Evolving Wave Guide on The Life Cycle of an Undular Bore and its Interaction with a Shallow, Intense Cold Front

Wednesday October 14
Matt Sitkowski
Topic:A Overview of an Objective Model for Identifying Secondary Eyewall Formation

Wednesday October 21
Will Lewis
Topic:Hurricane Prediction: Past, Present and Future

Wednesday October 28
Wei Liu
Topic:Instability and breaking of progressive internal gravity waves

Wednesday November 4
Chris Rozoff
Topic:Dynamical Mechanisms For Secondary Eyewall Formation: Insights From A Cloud-Resolving Tropical Cyclone Simulation

Wednesday November 11
Claus Moberg
Topic:The impact of regional processes on large-scale air pollution transport over the western United States

Wednesday November 18
John Anderson - Pixar Animation
Topic:What We Have Learned from Fluid Dynamics

Wednesday November 25
No Seminar - Thanksgiving

Wednesday December 2
Tempei Hashino
Topic:Validation of the Advanced Microphysics Prediction System (AMPS) using TRMM PR and TMI for KWAJEX simulations

RESCHEDULED FOR Friday December 11
Sarah Davis
Master's Thesis Presentation
Topic:Topic:Model-based Assessment of Orographic Bias in Surface Precipitation Measurements on Jan Mayen Island

Wednesday December 16
Jacob Beitlich
Master's Thesis Presentation
Topic:Distribution of Hydrometeors inside the Updrafts and Downdrafts of Simulated Thunderstorms

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