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AOS Colloquium Series

Spring 2011-2012

The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences sponsors a colloquium each Monday afternoon. Talks are held at 3:30 pm in room 811 of the Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science Building at 1225 W. Dayton Street. You are invited to join us before the colloquium at 3:15 for coffee, tea, and cookies in room 853 Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences Building.

The following talks are currently scheduled for Spring semester 2010-2011

To sign up to meet the with colloquium speakers, please go to:
You may need to click on the arrow a couple of times to get to the correct week.

January 30

Matthew Hitchman, UW-Madison, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
Topic: Volcanic Eruptions, the Quasibiennial Oscillation, and the Stratospheric Circulation

February 6

Jack Williams, Director of the Center for Climatic Research, Professor of Geography, Bryson CPEP Professor, UW-Madison
Topic: Using the Last Deglaciation as a Model System for Testing Species & Community Distribution Models

February 13

No Colloquium

February 20

Bryan Norcross, Director of Weather Presentation, The Weather Channel
Topic: The Hurricane Andrew Story & Communicating Risk: Andrew to Irene

February 27

No Colloquium

March 5

Norm Wood, Colorado State University
Topic: Estimating Snowfall from CloudSat Using Explicit Observational Constraints

March 12

Gil Bohrer, Ohio State University
Topic: Detecting and Modeling Hydrodynamic Stresses on Stomatal Conductance in the Forest Accelerated Successes Stomatal Conductance in the Forest acclerrated a succession Exeperiment (FASET)

THURSDAY, March 15
*Special Colloquium*
2:30 PM
Room 811

Gregory Carmichael, University of Iowa Dept of Chemical & Biological Engineering and Co-Director for the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER)
Topic: Sensitivity Analysis of Aerosol Feedbacks on Chemistry and Climate at Urban and Regional Scales

March 19

Jason Dunion, National Hurricane Center
Topic: Diurnal Pulsing of Tropical Cyclones: An Overlooked Yet Fundamental TC Process?

March 26

Nathan Paldor, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Earth Science Institute
Topic: Rossby Waves on an Aqua-Planet: New Solutions of Laplace's Tidal Equation Over a Sphere

April 2

No Colloquium, Spring Break

April 9

Matt Sitkowski, PhD Candidate, UW AOS
Topic: Investigation and Prediction of Hurricane Eyewall Replacement Cycles

April 16

No Colloquium

April 23

Ben Sulman, PhD Candidate, UW AOS
Topic: Peatland Carbon Cycle Responses to Hydrological Change: Impacts on Regional and Global Carbon Budgets in a Warming Climate

April 30

Nezette Rydell, NOAA, National Weather Service, WFO-Boulder
Topic: It's not your Father's Weather Service: The Forecast Office of the Future

May 7

Wei Liu, PhD Candidate, UW AOS
Topic: Insights from Deglacial Changes in the Southern Ocean and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation During the Last Deglaciation

Check the University Calendar for additional events this month.

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