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AOS Colloquium Series

Fall 2015

The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences sponsors a colloquium each Monday afternoon. Talks are held at 3:30 pm in room 811 of the Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science Building at 1225 W. Dayton Street. You are invited to join us before the colloquium at 3:15 for coffee, tea, and cookies in room 853 Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences Building.

The following talks are currently scheduled for the Fall semester 2015

To sign up to meet the with colloquium speakers, please go to:
You may need to click on the arrow a couple of times to get to the correct week.

September 14

No Colloquium this week

September 21

Nadia Smith, SSEC, UW-Madison

September 28

Leslie Smith, Department of Mathematics &
Department of Engineering Physics, UW-Madison
Topic: Minimal Models for Precipitating, Turbulent Convection

October 5

Tim Bertram, Department of Chemistry, UW-Madison
Topic: Interfaces: The Gordian Knots of Atmospheric Chemistry

October 12

Speaker: Bryan Duncan, Research Physical Scientist, Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Topic: NASA & Air Quality

October 19

Speaker: Kimberly A Novick, School of Public and
Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
Topic: The mechanisms limiting ecosystem carbon uptake and evapotranspiration during drought

October 26

Hiro Masunaga, Nagoya University, Japan
Topic: Large-scale and convective-scale updraft profiles from a suite of satellite observations

October 30

Alan Robock, Rutgers University
Topic: Nuclear Famine: The Threat to Humanity From Nuclear Weapons

Saturday, November 7

Tales from Planet Earth
Location: UpperHouse, 365 East Campus Mall Presenter: KATHARINE HAYHOE, Texas Tech University
Title: Climate Change and Religious Stewardship

November 9

Jon Martin, Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UW-Madison
Topic: Chasing a Giant - Reginald Sutcliffe and the invention of modern synoptic-dynamic meteorology

November 16

Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan
Topic: Modeling atmospheric CO2 for predictive carbon cycle science

November 23

Scott Denning, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, Colorado State University
Topic: Multiscale Modeling of Land-Atmosphere Interactions in the Community Earth System Model

November 30

Zhengyu Liu, Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison
Topic: Bjerkness Compensation and Climate Feedback

December 7

No Colloquium this week

Check the University Calendar for additional events this month.

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