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AOS Colloquium Series

Fall 2009-2010

The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences sponsors a colloquium each Monday afternoon. Talks are held at 3:30 pm in room 811 of the Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Science Building at 1225 W. Dayton Street. You are invited to join us before the colloquium at 3:15 for coffee, tea, and cookies in room 853 Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences Building.

The following talks are currently scheduled for Spring semester 2009-2010

If you want to sign up to meet the colloquium speakers, please go to this web site:
You may need to click on the arrow a couple of times to get to the correct week.

September 14

Zhengyu Liu, CCR, UW-Madison
Topic: Towards the modeling of last deglacial climate evolution

September 21

Lance Bosart, State University of New York
Topic:An Overview of Predecessor Heavy Rain Events Associated with Landfalling Tropical Cyclones

September 25

AOS Colloquium (Annual Robock Lecture)
Laudon Auditorium, Weeks Hall
Alan Robock, Rutgers University, Environmental Sciences
Topic:Smoke and Mirrors: Is Geoengineering a Solution to Global Warming?

September 28

Marek Rogal, UW-Madison, AOS
Topic:Dynamical Redistribution of Column Ozone in the Southern Hemisphere

October 5

Ron Errico, University of Maryland, Goddard Earth Sciences amd Technology Center
Topic:The Design, Validation, and Applications of Observing System Simulation Experiments

October 12

Tom Knutson, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Topic:Atlantic Hurricanes and Climate Change

October 19

Anna Michalak, University of Michigan, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Topic: Bridging across Spatial and Temporal Scales in North American Carbon Dioxide Flux Estimation

October 26

Ed Eloranta, UW-Madison, AOS
Topic:Snowfall measurements using a combination of High Spectral Resolution lidar and millimeter wavelength radar data

November 2

Special Colloquium
Jack Beven, National Hurricane Center
Topic:Recent Advances and Remaining Challenges in Hurricane Forecasting at the NHC

November 2

Rick Anthes, President of UCAR, Boulder, CO
Topic:COSMIC-Accurate and precise profiling of the atmosphere from space using radio occultation

November 9

Geoff Vallis, Princeton University
Topic:Meridional Energy Transport in the Atmosphere-Ocean System

November 16

Alex Guenther, NCAR, Boulder, CO
Topic:Biogenic VOC Emissions in a Changing Earth System

November 18

Special Seminar - NOTE 2:30 PM start time
John Anderson, Pixar Animation
Topic:What We Have Learned from Fluid Dynamics

November 23

Paul Markowski, Penn State University
Topic:What vortex lines might be telling us about tornadogenesis

November 30

Susan Lozier, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
Topic:Deconstructing the Conveyor Belt

December 7

Annemarie Schneider, UW-Madison, SAGE
Topic:Urbanization and regional to global scale environmental change

December 14

Gary Barnes, University of Hawaii, Department of Meteorology
Topic:Eye Excess Energy and the Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Lili (2002)

Check the University Calendar for additional events this month.

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