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Capstone Seminar -- Spring 2017 -- Monday, 1:20 PM, Room 823

January 23
Prof. Matt Hitchman, UW-Madison, AOS
Topic: Discuss Research Paper

February 6
Prof. Matt Hitchman, UW-Madison, AOS
Topic: Volcanic Eruptions and the Gerneal Circulation

February 13
Dr. Leigh Orf, UW-Madison, SSEC
Topic: High Resolution Simulations of Tornadogenesis

February 20
Prof. Zhengyu Liu, UW-Madison, AOS
Topic: Global Warming of Global Cooling in the Last 10,000 Years?

Febuary 27
Dr. Brett Hoover, UW-Madison, SSEC
Topic: Which observations are most important for forecasting east coast snowstorms?

March 6
Dr. Brad Pierce, UW-Madison, SSEC
Topic: Lake Michigan Ozone Study 2017

March 13
Dr. David Reed, UW-Madison, AOS
Topic: Lake Ice Studies

March 18-26
Spring Break!

March 27
Emeritus Prof. John Young, UW-Madison, State Climatology Office
Topic: Personal Journeys in Meteorology: My 60 Years and Your Future

April 3
Class Conference

April 10
1:20-1:40; Kirsten Mayer, The Arctic Cold Pool and East Asian Winter Monsoon
1:40-2:00; Taylor DeWinter, The Evolution of Tornado Warning Dissemination and Public Response Leading to the Formation of Impact Based Warnings
2:00-2:20; Meirah Williamson, Freeze / Frost Warnings and the Urban Heat Island Effect

Polished Draft Due and Peer Revies Assigned

April 17
1:20-1:40; Zoe Brooke Zibton, An Adaptive Forecast Algorithm Based on Ensemble Output
1:40-2:00; Kip Nielsen, An Investigation of Boundary Layer Depth Retrieval from the SPARC Trailer at the Park Falls WLEF Tall Tower
2:00-2:20; Shae Hamm, Exploring Tornadogenesis

April 24
1:20-1:35; Samantha VanDyke, The Structure and Dynamics of Mesoscale Convective Systems
1:35-1:50; Cody Beeson, Frost Potential: Sacia Orchards
1:50-2:05; Benjamin Rodenkirch, Tornadogenesis Around the World
2:05-2:20; Travis Rizert, Weather and Aircraft

Peer Reviews due

May 1
1:20-1:35; Meaghan DeVoll, Influence of ENSO on Global Tropical Cyclones
1:35-1:50; Kevin Van Schoyck, The Polar Front and Vikings in Iceland
1:50-2:05; Andrew Baird, Lake Effect Snow Storms
2:05-2:20; Austin Delany, Volcanic Ash Cloud Tracking and Detection

Final Draft and Responses to Reviewers Due

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