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Capstone Seminar -- Spring 2012 -- 1:20PM, Room 823

Wednesday February 1
Ankur Desai, UW AOS
Topic: Why Have Wind Speeds Increased Over Lake Superior?

Wednesday February 8
Greg Tripoli, UW AOS
Topic: Cloud/Mesoscale Modeling

Wednesday February 15
Pao Wang, UW AOS
Topic: Physics at the Top of the Thunderstorm

Wednesday February 22
Andre Perkins, UW
Topic: Northern Hemispheric Jet Superposition Events: A Climatological Study

Wednesday February 29
Scott Trevorrow
Topic: Numerical Simulations of the 2009 Goshen, Wyoming and the 2011 Joplin, Missouri Tornadoes

Wednesday March 7
Joseph Snarski
Topic: Antarctic Cloud Mass Transport

Wednesday March 14
Elise Garms
Topic: Hurricane Rainbands

Wednesday March 21
Alexandra Karambelas
Topic: The Effect of CMAQ Boundary Condistions on US Ozone Concentration

Wednesday March 28
Andrew Lahr
Topic: The Extratropical Transistion and Precipitation Distribution of Hurricane Floyd

Wednesday April 11
Elena Willmot
Topic: Satellite Observations of Biomass Burning Aerosol Interactions with Marine Stratus Clouds in Southern Atlantic Ocean

Wednesday April 18
Erik Gould
Topic: The Indirect Aerosol Effect and Precipitation Efficiency

Wednesday April 25
Ryan Harp
Topic: Differentiating Between the Radiometric Signals of Snow Cover and Precipitation in Progress

Wednesday May 2
David Mikolajcayk
Topic: Winter Warming Events in Antarctica

Wednesday May 9
Cory Clifcom
Topic: Physics of Tropical Cyclone Development

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